Relax and enjoy the jingling bells– in horse bus shuttles in winter landscape

What to do when cars are forbidden or impossible to drive? … but you have to transport ski equipment? Avoriaz in France is a place where you not only can see the alternative but enjoy it, too.

In this mountain situated ski area at 1800 m a.s.l. people not only want to ski. There also is the demand for comfortable mobility between hotel and skilifts, clubs, cinemas a.s.o. and to reach other tourist attractions. Since cars are forbidden, horse drawn sleighs are the right choice. There is a regular and constant service offered at Avoriaz during the ski season to carry luggage or drive people.

Avoriaz1 Avoriaz is populated during 5 months of winter. During this period not only the whole tourism branch staff lives up the mountains, but the horses as well.

Avoriaz2Crédit photo: E. Durand

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And here you can see the horses in action

About 70 km south of Avoriaz, situated in the Chamonix area, the community of Megève also offers horse drawn transport services for their winter guests. Though horse carriages are a common view in the area, the specially installed horse shuttles build a new dimension of service. They connect the areas of the ski resorts of Rochebrune , Mont d’Arbois und Jaillet. It is not only an environmental friendly transport solution, for Evasion Mont Blanc – card holders it is a free service.


Tourists consider it as relieve not to be dependent on a car and spend time driving and looking for a parking lot in traffic jam, but take the ride between the ski locations as a fun part of their holiday and relax.


Crédit photo: D. Durand

The Megève community marketing has realized the attraction potential of this kind of vehicles. Humans love horses – and they enjoy the stress-free mode of transport in fresh, clean air.

Stress-free mobility – relaxed tourists.

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Author: Therese Grosswiele

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