Horse-drawn mobility in Europe – clean and sustainable

Starting from this year FECTU – as an alliance on European level dealing with natural horse power – wants to contribute to the EU endeavours to boost sustainability in mobility and transport. There is the admirable and stimulating campaign ‘European Mobility Week’ each year which was held as an urban campaign up to 2014.

Do the right mix‘Our streets, our choice’ – the EU slogan is valid not only in urban areas, but for rural areas and small cities as well. So we want to show examples especially from rural areas, where horses belong to the natural environment and where most of them are held. Their ability to draw all kinds of vehicles and equipment shall become a notable part of the ‘right mix’: the EU slogan ‘Do the right mix’ wants to help out of today’s car addiction and focus instead on combining different modes of transport – which choice wherever appropriate. Horses shall be part of it.

Taking this as a very inspiring approach we will use this blog to present solutions – all based upon natural horse power. Clean and sustainable.

So look up this page from time to time to find interesting stories about horse drawn mobility – transport of goods and persons – from various countries in the EU. They belong to the broad variety of non-technological actions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Europe.

We will start the series presenting a horse drawn school-bus in France.

Author: Therese Grosswiele

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